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STC-TC Meeting Summary

Contact info. for Matt Sullivan: Cell: 714-585-2335, matt@mattrsullivan.com, http://www.techcommtools.com/


Morale: Don’t chase people around for content that you can write. And if text communication isn’t working, don’t assume that everything should be put into video either


Matt’s clients can have a hard time condensing and  focusing on what needs to be in a video. For example:

  • Matt was asked to create a FrameMaker template for one customer. The customer got what they wanted, but Matt didn’t want his name attached to the project, because the resulting documents were very long and not very clear. 
  • The company was then purchased, and he was asked to make a video. The project request was to put all the content from the long documents in a video. Matt recommended against that. They finally came to an agreement. Graphics were used in the text when description was too long. Video was used for these points when things got too complicated to help ease the readers from one point to another.
 There needs to be a balance between video, text, and graphics. You also need to be clear about how the video is used to help convey complex information 
  • First write the text for easy instructions. 
  • For content that is more complex, add a graphic.
  • For content that becomes difficult to explain, add video (with visuals and spoken text) to clarify the meaning.
  • See the following link for a video example: http://www.needles.com/tour-checklist

His approach is to:
  • Start by creating a list of things that you want to address in the video
  • Plan it out to be very specific about how the video is used.
  • He sometimes uses Captivate.
  • Shorten the content to only what is really needed in the video
  • He used Screenflow to create a video screen by screen in real time
  • It is helpful to have one long video and cut it up, than to combine small chunks of video.
  • And buy the tool that will work best for the job. It is worth the investment.


Twitter: mattrsullivan

LinkedIn: mattrsullivan

Facebook: tc2ls

YouTube: tc2ls