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STC-TC Meeting Summary



Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016




Panel Discussion:


Speaker: Lily Keire


Speaker Information:


Lily was a homemaker for about 13 years and now is in her first job for technical writing.  She discussed experiencing that process including pay differences between men and women, age discrimination, and she how had difficulty getting hired after graduation.   




  • Try to be positive and have a good attitude
  • Put yourself out there
  • Make your own work samples for a portfolio
  • Write tech comm articles to publish where ever you want
  • Keep learning





Speaker: Gayle Warner & Carolyn Witthuhn


Speaker Information:


This portion of our meeting was about the differences between networking as an introvert and networking as an extrovert. 


Gayle did her own networking and has now been in the field for about 5 years.  Gayle explained that she looked up “medical device companies” on google maps and located a bunch of companies in the area.  Then she looked through her LinkedIn contacts and realized someone she used to work with worked at one of these companies.


Carolyn had difficulty breaking into the field.  She didn’t get her BA until she was about 42-years-old.  She explained that you should always be ready to network and hand out your business card. 




  • Be prepared to ask questions
  • Be prepared to discuss your qualifications
  • Attend job fairs, job networking groups, professional organization meets, etc.




Speaker: Alex Layne


Speaker Information:


Alex is a professional grant writer and a professor at Metro State University. 



  • Alex described her job and what is involved in getting grants





Speaker: Lisa


Speaker Information:


Lisa discussed her experiences being a technical writer.




  • Globalization is the big thing
  • You will be charged for every single word
  • When presenting texts to the translators you have be VERY clear with what you are trying to convey so they know exactly how to translate your content