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STC-TC Meeting Summary



Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Topic: Informal Learning Basics


Speaker: Saul Carliner


Meeting Summary:



  • We learn informally everyday
  • (Informal Learning = IL)
  • IL is driven by the learner
    • Employer & learner have controls
  • Location > appropriate for learning?
  • Abstract = formal
  • Consciousness – we’re not always aware that we’re learning
  • IL = contrasts with similar terms
  • IL = started with the earliest humans
  • “school of life”
  • Museums used to be used for learning
  • Performance learning
    • Example > early Quicken
  • Knowledge Management
    • Example > Record knowledge
  • Companies are spending less on training & employees are having to learn on their own
  • Updating skills can occur at any point on the job
  • Informal Learning also depends on the material being taught
  • Each writer works through their own challenges
  • Case studies, news, documentation, etc. all help people learn
  • Informal learning often started and wasn’t finished
  • Informational doesn’t necessarily mean educational
  • TRUE educational materials provide opportunities to practice skills and receive feedback
  • Informational materials often lack these characteristics
  • Access to learning doesn’t ensure learning
  • Executives need to do some informal learning on their own


Link to Presentation on Slideshare: