Frame-to-HTML Tool Free for Unemployed Technical Writers
By Deanne_Levander
December 02, 2009 06:18 PM
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Greetings and Salutations...


The FrameMaker user's list covers a wide range of topics on a daily basis. Today, I read a post that discussed issues with converting FrameMaker to HTML using third-party software like WebWorks e-Publisher and RoboHelp. It may interest you that one contributor, Jeremy Griffith, is offering a tool called Mif2Go, a great lower-cost option that gives you great results. It may interest you to read a little about Omni Systems before you venture further.


Here is some information about this tool (excerpts from the post to the Frame list):


"Many  former WWP users tell us migration is pretty easy; for example, Mif2Go can use the same TopicAlias markers that WWP used. YMMV, of course. You can see for yourself how it works for you by downloading the free unlimited demo version at:


Mif2Go produces a dozen output formats, including CHM and its own Open Source cross-platform cross-browser OmniHelp.  It also can convert UNstructured Frame to DocBook and DITA, allowing you the freedom to migrate to an XML editor if necessary.  Many very large enterprises are currently using it to do just that. And it's only $295 per seat, with steep quantity discounts, a significant factor in today's problematic economy.


Here Is the Part about the Free Tool:


Finally, if anyone here is unemployed or underemployed, an academic (student, faculty, or staff), or a developer of FOSS (Free Open Source Software), Mif2Go is *free* for you.  Just send your name and email address to , with subject "Mif2Go", and we'll send a password and download instructions for the full registered version.  No proof is needed; we use the Honor System here."


Go to the Omni Systems contact page to read a little more about this *free* feature.